Most Asked - (by Professionals)

What is the difference between an agency and a traditional house cleaning service?

There are several differences between an agency and a traditional house cleaning service, but the main difference is that the housekeeper has more choices-with scheduling, accepting or declining jobs, where and how you want to work, etc. In a traditional housecleaning service, you are an "employee" and are told when, where and how to do the work.  Your employer tells you how much you will earn and deducts taxes from your paycheck. When you work for an agency,  you are an "Independent Housekeeper"  who decides how much of a wage you want to earn for the work you are performing. An agency housekeeper keeps track of their own taxes, and already knows when, where and how they want to/need to do their work.  

Do you provide training and supplies?

No, we do not. As an experienced, Independent Professional Housekeeper, you should not need any training,  and should already have your own supplies and equipment. If you are looking for some ways to expand and add to your current skills, we can point you to some resources that would be helpful. Please contact our concierge for more information.

Why do I need 3 years experience-(I clean my own/my mother's/best friend's house!)

We require three years (or more) for professional housekeeping experience because cleaning your own house (or your mother's house) is MUCH different than cleaning for someone on a professional level,. Not only must you be good at interacting/communicating with people, but also at delivering consistent results. Our clients are looking for someone who is efficient and organized, works on a professional level, and knows how clean a variety of different types of materials and furnishings.

Do you provide insurance?

No we do not. Each independent housekeeper must carry liability insurance or get it before being offered work. There are no exceptions to this requirement. Pennsylvania law requires ALL housekeepers working for an agency to carry their own liability insurance. This protects the homeowner as well as you. It is easy and inexpensive to get a policy and you cannot be offered work until you have it.  If you would like a referral for a local agent, contact our concierge who can provide you that information.

Can I keep my current clients?

Yes you can! If you a;ready have a few of your own clients, they are your clients, and your alone. You tell us what days you are available, when you are not working for your other clients, and we will offer agency work on those "free" days, adding to and filling up your schedule as you like.

What if I can only work one day a week?

You can work as much or as little as you like. Just let us know what days you have open and we will do our best to match you with clients.

What are the advantages of working with your agency?

There are a variety of advantages of working with our agency, but the top three are: 

1-Schedule flexibility- work when  & where you want to work.

2-Better wages: our lower overhead expenses allows agency compensates housekeepers 1.5 to 3 times higher than the national franchises. 

3-Non-billable time reduced to almost zero: our agency concierge handles the advertising, phone calls, estimating, billing, scheduling, client questions,  and more, allowing housekeepers to keep the client happy with outstanding services.

Are there disadvantages to working with an agency?

There are no disadvantages as we see it!

In what pay range are the jobs ?

Depending on client needs, requested tasks, and housekeeper's requirements, our job percentages when broken down, average out to $18 + hourly. We negotiate the highest wage possible for you, and add on a small agency fee to cover the work we do to keep referrals coming.

Is there paid vacation?

The agency does not pay for vacations or for work not completed. However, since housekeepers are independent, if you want to take a vacation, just  let us know when so we can make arrangements to either cover your clients or reschedule them.

What if I don't like the job I've accepted?

If you accept a job and later decide its not quite what you were looking for, we will simply match you with a new job better suited to what you are looking for. Clients have the same option to try another housekeeper if they wish. 

If I like the job, can I keep it on my schedule?

Yes you can "keep" the job you are matched with if you like the work and if the client likes your work.

How quickly can I be assigned work?

As soon as the interview process is complete, including criminal clearances, and insurance verification, we will begin to refer work to you.

How often will I be paid?

Job sheets are turned in on Friday and your pay will be sent by direct deposit on the following Friday-once a week. (You keep the job sheet and a copy of your pay stub for your records. )

Can you pay me in cash? I don't have a bank account.

All Independent Housekeepers are paid by direct deposit each Friday. You must  have a bank account in order to get paid. We do not make cash payments for any reason. 

How do I apply?

Apply by clicking the button below:


I don't want to apply right now-but have a friend who may be interested-can I give you her number?

Yes! We love it when a housekeeper refers another professional. If your friend qualifies and is invited to register with us, you will receive a $50 Gift Card for Bath & Body Works, as a "Thank You" for the referral! (Contact our business office for details.)

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