How Household Services Agency Works

Eclectic Domestics is now Household Services Agency! Find us in Ottsville, Bucks County PA!

Who We Are:

We are Bucks County's first domestic services agency, with a growing professional network of carefully screened and vetted (interviewed in person) independent housekeeping professionals. 

What we do: (2 Key Services)

1:  We match working women like you who need cleaning services, laundry, grocery pick-up, packing  & other household chore assistance, with affordable, high-quality service providers, so you can take back those lost hours and enjoy a clean and serene living space with your family


2:  We match professional housekeepers, (many who are also working mothers), with great clients like you, so they can grow as a professional, expand their clientele, and earn an excellent livable wage to support their families.

How it works:

  • Contact us for an on-site consultation & customized quote. You can select services that fall within your budget range.
  •  You select a preferred day and time that you would like a housekeeper to arrive and provide your services.
  • Our concierge matches you with a screened, qualified & registered housekeeper, based on location, requested services & schedule preferences. 
  •  Your housekeeper arrives at the agreed-upon time, and you sit back, relax, (or come home after a long day at work) and enjoy your clean & serene home!
  • If you like the professional we matched you with, and her quality of work and would like her to keep coming back, tell us and we will keep her on your schedule.
  • If for any reason you are not happy with the work quality, we will simply match you with another registered housekeeper who is better suited to what you are looking for.

Its that simple. 

Why We Do It:

One word: Balance.

Many local & franchised services as well as national brands are notorious for underpaying and overworking their employees, some to the point of mistreatment. In addition, fancy offices, excessive field managers & office staff, company branding, company cars, and franchise fees create an imbalance which drives up costs which are then passed down to the client. 

We believe that there is a more ethical, economical and efficient way to partner with and leverage the experience & expertise of local independent housekeepers, and deliver those services directly to working families. Our approach restores the emotional and financial balance to all parties.

Eclectic Domestics Household Services Agency is unique to the house cleaning industry in the Bucks County area.  We are (to our knowledge) the first domestic referral agency in Southeastern PA. We take pride in our work, in our reputation  and in being different, especially when being different means that our clients can enjoy affordable, high-quality, home cleaning & other housekeeping services, while our registered housekeepers can work a flexible schedule, in a more supportive, respectful, stress-free environment, making a decent livable wage.

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