Why use Household Services Agency?


Our process is simple and streamlined from the first contact to scheduling & invoicing, and eliminates the unnecessary time-consuming steps that drain energy, drive up costs and reduce efficiency. We help you live with more freedom, giving you back hours of time and money that can instead be used to focus on what's most important to you & your family.  


Unlike the "Big List" sites, (which are only that-just lists) we thoroughly screen and vet all candidates, through a multi-step process that includes an initial inquiry form & phone interview, criminal background checks, reference screening, in-depth (and in-person) interviews, voluntary orientation and final registration process. In this way, we can work with housekeepers familiar with Bucks County, emphasize familiarity & relationship building, and maintain the "human" aspect of home services.


Highly skilled & experienced professionals who go over and above to satisfy the clients, can deliver cost-effective, higher-end services with precision, consistency and efficiency. All housekeeping candidates must pass several levels of qualification, including verifying previous work history, before they are invited to join our network of professionals, and be referred to clients. We gather feedback and work with you until we have matched you with a housekeeper who is a perfect fit for you & your family.


With our agency, you have access to a growing network of qualified, screened, *registered professionals to provide you with needed or desired services. No more missed or rescheduled appointments, inconsistent schedules or excessive absences. No more frustration or scanning the papers looking for a new housekeeper. We can send you a different qualified replacement from our network if your regular housekeeper needs a day or two off.


Low overhead, transparent pricing with no hidden fees. You control the cost with what types of services you want or how many hours of service you need. Our streamlined process keeps overhead costs at a minimum and passes the savings on to the client without impacting the housekeepers' compensation. This also allows much needed housekeeping services to be accessible & affordable to more working families in Bucks County, and more jobs to be available to professionals who need them.


Developing ongoing relationships with our clients and our professionals is important to the success and satisfaction of all concerned. Our communication system helps you keep in touch with our concierge as well as your housekeeper, in your preferred manner. Have a question, suggestion or concern? Help is just a text, phone call, e-mail or in-person visit away!


*Household Services Agency is not the employer of its registered professionals. Professionals accept or decline job requests as Independent Housekeepers.

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